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Medical image
It’s in our DNA.

Patient care pathways begin once medical imaging is accessible to care givers. Unfortunately, traditional image management technologies can impede patient care. At NucleusHealth™ we’re re-defining the entire imaging ecosystem by creating disruptive cloud technologies to revolutionize the industry and ultimately accelerate patient care paths.


Leveraging technology to improve patient care.

As teleradiology pioneers, StatRad develops forward-thinking solutions to make life easier for radiology groups.

Medical Image Management
Cloud technology designed to revolutionize medical imaging. provides incredibly fast and secure access to diagnostic quality images – using any web enabled device and without latency – with the performance of a workstation at a fraction of the cost of today’s enterprise systems.

NucleusHealth™ is re-defining the medical image ecosystem. Our technologies and processes expedite interpretation of medical images while helping to control the exploding cost of managing the data.
We know imaging. In 2005 we built our own 510(k)-cleared PACS system for our teleradiology services. In 2013, we launched proprietary image exchange technology to speed image transfer throughout the healthcare ecosystem. We are experts at securely moving medical images across diverse environments with an average uptime of 99.99%.
NucleusHealth™ creates and deploys disruptive cloud computing technologies that move, view, manage, collaborate with and accurately interpret medical images as fast as physically possible. Our technologies conquer the biggest challenge facing the industry today: latency.
Today’s complex health systems require simplified products and services to better serve hospitals, clinics, diagnostic radiologists, collaborating physicians, patients and their families. From purchase, through installation and deployment, right down to user interface design – NucleusHealth™ puts simplicity at the core.
We are all patients at one time or another, so why not strive to provide the best patient-facing services possible? Our teleradiology service provides an industry leading discrepancy rate of 0.09%. Our image exchange technologies deliver 99.99% uptime. Fast, accurate patient care is what drives NucleusHealth™.
When a patient enters the ER, time is of the essence. We’ve incorporated over 20 years of radiology support and powerful, cross-platform technologies into our entire portfolio, operations and software development processes to improve customer workflow and efficiency.
NucleusHealth™ deploys the same security protocols as the banking and finance industry to secure and protect our data. We monitor and update 24x7x365. Security is our top priority and always will be.
When all caregivers have immediate, shared access to diagnostic quality images and a direct line of communication, the best possible treatment plan emerges. NucleusHealth™ improves collaboration and decision support throughout our healthcare ecosystem.
Founded in 1996 by physicians for physicians, we passionately dedicate ourselves to providing the very best in patient care support to our partners. We provide trusted technologies and services to over 450 healthcare facilities across the US and to under-served regions of Africa.

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The future of medical image management is in the cloud. Unfortunately, the farther data travels the more lag time accrues. We call this latency. Radiologists and other physicians are accustomed to receiving images at rates of 50 frames per second. When traveling across the entire United States, it may drop to 10 frames per second – much too slow for acceptable patient care.

NucleusHealth™ overcomes latency via our patent-pending streaming protocols, client-side rendering techniques, modern web browser technologies, and the computing horsepower of today’s phones, laptops and desktops. Diagnostic quality images come to life on displays at blazing-fast speeds. Even large file types can be displayed in seconds, not minutes.

With that single achievement, NucleusHealth™ sets a new standard for performance, scalability, security, high availability and response times. Faster, more accurate care means better outcomes at a lower cost.

The next generation of medical image management has been born.