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Cameron Carlomagno

Cameron joined StatRad in 2020 as part of the credentialing & licensing team with a focus on initial credentialing of our teleradiologist. Under Cameron’s leadership, the Credentialing and Licensing Team ensures we are providing the best patient care by thoroughly obtaining, verifying, assessing, and maintaining our radiologists’ qualifications in compliance with hospital, state, and national board and regulatory requirements.  The Credentialing and Licensing Team also works as a liaison between state boards, our radiologists, and our client hospitals, helping to expedite the licensing and hospital credentialing and privileging processes.

Prior to joining StatRad, Cameron previously worked in the Human Resource department at the San Diego Convention Center. In September 2021, she began working on the credentialing for new hospital implementations. Cameron earned her Master’s in War & Society from Chapman University in 2019 and her B.A. in history at University of San Diego in 2017. She published and presented her thesis on gender dynamics in the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War, which was cited in Time Magazine in October 2020.