Global Outreach

Empowering Health Missions with Technology
to influence Positive Change Worldwide

NucleusHealth fosters a global outreach program to inspire hope and impact patients’ lives in regions of the world where advanced medical technologies and trained staff are not always accessible.

When we launched our first-generation cloud-based medical image sharing solution in 2013, we immediately realized we had developed a new way to break geographical boundaries on a larger scale; we could provide caregivers, located anywhere, with instant access to diagnostic images regardless of a patient’s location. So as the opportunity arose to expand our impact by getting involved in pro-bono work overseas, we jumped on it. As a tech-forward company we strive for true worldwide sharing of medical exams and reports to support and advance healthcare for all and in all places.

Our cloud and web technologies have already had and will continue to have a tremendous impact on patients, caregivers, and on us. How can we help you make a difference?

Supporting your team to facilitate better care.

One of the largest missions hospitals in Africa, this Kenyan facility treats more than 140,000 outpatients each year and admits another 13,000 inpatients.

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This 130-bed facility boasts the only CT scanner in the southern half of Ethiopia and needed the ability to effectively collaborate with their U.S.-based radiology team.

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Located in Northwest Cameroon this HIV/AIDS treatment center has 310 beds and is a training center and referral hospital for the West Africa Sub Region.

Myung Sung Christian Medical Center

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

AIC Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe, Kenya

Bongolo Hospital

Lebamba, Gabon

Eldik Family Medical Center

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

L'Hopital Bernard Mevs

Port-au-prince, Haiti

Mission of Hope Haiti

Titanyen, Haiti

Soddo Christian Hospital

Wolaita, Ethiopia

Mbingo Baptist Hospital

Bamenda, Cameroon

Tenwek Mission Hospital

Bomet, Kenya

St. Luke Facility, Arua, Uganda

St. Luke Facility – Rad Impact

Padwot, Nebbi, Uganda

Padwot Facility – Rad Impact

Nampunge Facility, Wakiso, Uganda

Nampunge Facility – Rad Impact

North Kigezi Facility, Rukungiri, Uganda

North Kigezi Facility – Rad Impact

Bugiri Facility, Kanungu, Uganda

Bugiri Facility – Rad Impact

Rutaka Facility, Kisoro, Uganda

Rutaka Facility – Rad Impact

Kihanga Facility, Kabale, Uganda

Kihanga Facility – Rad Impact

St. Stephen's Facility, Kampala, Uganda

St. Stephen’s Facility – Rad Impact

Kirongero Facility, Bugiri, Uganda

Kirongero Facility – Rad Impact

Chrisco Butiru Facility, Manafwa, Uganda

Chrisco Butiru Facility – Rad Impact

J.O.Y Hospice Facility, Manafwa, Uganda

J.O.Y Hospice Facility – Rad Impact

Boroboro Facility, Lira, Uganda

Boroboro Facility – Rad Impact