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Challenges & Solutions to Managing Medical Images in the Cloud

Becker’s Hospital Review published an article discussing how MGH runs their Precision Imaging Metrics program in the cloud on our platform.


The shift to the cloud is a growing trend across industries. The cloud, touted as a measure to reduce costs and improve scalability, describes a network of servers that house data remotely, which gives a user the ability to access data over the internet as opposed to only on a local network. IT spending related to the cloud shift is expected to account for $1 trillion across the globe by 2020, according to a Gartner report.

Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital is one organization making the shift to the cloud, according to Trinity Urban, product manager for Precision Imaging Metrics, an informatics program within the hospital’s radiology department. The program houses radiology images for clinical trials associated with the Dana-Farber/ Harvard Cancer Center in Boston.


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