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Bon Secours moves images to Azure to drive costs down, delivery speed up


In the last several months I’ve noticed a sharp uptrend in health systems modernizing their aging imaging storage and sharing systems by replacing them with cloud-based solutions—which begs the question, “Why now?”

In my last blog, I talked about how Austin Radiology Association moved their 3D tomography data storage platform to the cloud to radically expand their storage capacity and reduce costs. In this blog, you’ll hear Bon Secours Health System’s story of how and why they’re using NucleusHealth’s cloud-based image sharing service to drive their image sharing and delivery costs down and their delivery speed and referring physician satisfaction up. This blog is a transcript of my interview with Winnie Bernard, Bon Secours Health System’s Enterprise Radiology & Imaging Systems Manager, who tells Bon Secours’ journey to the cloud story.