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How NucleusHealth Uses Advanced Data Security Technologies

NucleusHealth is advancing patient care through innovation in cloud-based medical image management, allowing global access to medical images by physicians, patients, and health systems, as well as healthcare companies requiring images for their products and services.

NucleusHealth deploys a scalable cloud platform for medical images that is web-based. At the core of the platform is patented streaming technology, providing diagnostic workstation performance in a browser on any web-enabled device. The technology significantly improves clinical collaboration through fast access to images, reduces IT overhead, is optimized for machine learning and provides flexibility and customization through numerous RESTful APIs.

The company’s state-of-the-art technologies overcome traditional obstacles and distribute diagnostic quality images at unprecedented speeds. The ability to deliver faster, accurate patient care means enhanced patient outcomes at a lower cost: A compelling achievement.


With Thales deployed no one has the opportunity
to do the wrong thing. It’s not just encryption that’s
enabled, it’s security policy.
– Grant Cermak, chief information and security officer, NucleusHealth

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