Welcome to NucleusHealth

Where compassion, dedication, and a drive for better patient care meet powerful, game-changing technology.

Founded in 1996 by radiologists as one of our country’s first teleradiology firms, NucleusHealth has been in the business of moving and interpreting complex medical images to speed diagnosis, treatment planning and ultimately patient recovery. Twenty years and millions of images later, we continue to work with our clients 24/7/365 to ensure their patients receive outstanding care – as fast and accurate as physically possible. That remains our guiding principle. 

We firmly believe medical imaging is at the core of healthcare and a patient’s care journey can begin once caregivers have access to the patient’s images. Unfortunately, many of today’s medical image management systems were designed decades ago and don’t possess the necessary architecture, speed or flexibility to deliver immediate, global access to images. Imagine if you could only access the internet from your office? That’s today’s enterprise image management systems. Our vision is to leverage image management technology to best serve our teleradiology group clients. 

At NucleusHealth, we remain committed to providing outstanding support to our partner caregivers and their patients. That is our core.